Mark Whitney
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⁣Dive into the compelling world of Edward Bernays with Epic Economics, the creators behind Economics Explained! Unearth how the father of PR engineered modern consumerism, and set the stage for an era of overconsumption and planned obsolescence.

From his audacious role in boosting production in the auto industry, to the birth of President Wilson's propaganda initiatives and the legendary "Torches of Freedom" campaign, Bernays' influence stretches further than you can imagine.

Get ready to be fascinated by our exploration of the notorious "Green Ball" event and its role in shaping our insatiable appetite for the new. Discover the connections between Bernays' work, the Great Depression, and the advent of a consumerist society.

Powered by riveting narratives, expert insights, and captivating archival footage, this documentary will challenge your understanding of our consumption-driven world. Ready for the ride?

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